Internet Fraud Report

In the previous year the average loss to Internet fraud has risen from $895 in 2004 to $2,033. A growing number of foreign crooks are scamming U.S. consumers via the Internet. 38 percent were in other countries.

Don't leave the on-line thieves a single chance! Protect yourself and your family by installing Anti-Virus-Pro now!

Frequently Asked Questions

General questions
Common problems

General Questions

Q:  What is Spyware and Adware?
A:  Spyware is software that gathers information about how you use your computer and transmits the data to a central server. This information can include websites you visit, applications and equipment you use, usernames, passwords and credit card numbers you type. Adware is software that displays advertising, usually based on the information that spyware has gathered.
Q:  What are the visible symptoms of a computer virus infection?
A:  You can most easily notice the following ones:
  • new unknown icons appear on your desktop
  • spam e-mail overfills your mailbox
  • your Internet connection becomes very slow
  • your browsers homepage is changing all the time
  • annoying pop-ups drive you insane
Q:  Is it possible to get rid of spyware and viruses without reinstalling the OS?
A:  Simply install ANTI VIRUS PRO, which will cure the infection and protect You from future ones.


Q:  How do I install ANTI VIRUS PRO to my computer?
A:  Please visit our download page: - you'll be offered to save the .exe file to your computer. Save it and launch after the download is finished.


Q:  How do I register and activate ANTI VIRUS PRO?
A:  To register ANTI VIRUS PRO you'll need to buy it first. Please visit our billing page at After paying the charges for your copy of software, you'll be given a unique license code. Enter it in the license code box. If you don't see the license code box, please read the following: There are two ways to activate ANTI VIRUS PRO.
1. Launch ANTI VIRUS PRO and wait till the scan ends. The software will offer you to quarantine the infected items - press "Continue" and you'll get the license code box as well as the billing page. After you buy one copy of ANTI VIRUS PRO Enter your license code and you are in.
2. Click the Windows Start menu button, them Programs - ANTI VIRUS PRO - Register. You'll get the license code box.


Q:  I get an error "Cannot connect to the license server". What should I do?
A:  First of all please check your Internet connection as you need to be online to activate your copy of ANTI VIRUS PRO. Also there are two things that can block your outgoing connection: firewall and proxy server. If you have a firewall on your computer, please disable it while activating ANTI VIRUS PRO. This should let you activate our software. If you have a proxy server, then you'll need to enter your proxy settings in the appropriate fields of the registration box. If you still experience problems, feel free to contact us (include your username / order number in the e-mail for a faster response).
Q:  I get a error "Wrong license code". What should I do?
A:  Please check your license code as they are case sensitive. If you get a capital "A" then you can not use a small "a". The best way is to copy/paste your license code in the appropriate fields of the registration box. You won't believe but 80% of the activation problems were a result of the misspelled license code. If this still didn't help you, please e-mail us (include your license code / order number in the e-mail for a faster response).

Common problems

Q:  When I try to update my copy of ANTI VIRUS PRO, I get a error "Cannot download update package, please try to repeat update later". What does it mean?
A:  This means that you have the latest version of ANTI VIRUS PRO and there are no updates available right now. Please try to update later.
Q:  I run the scan, found some infected items and quarantined them, but I'm still getting pop-ups and other virus symptoms. How can I fix it?
A:  Please be so kind and send us an e-mail (include your username / order number in the e-mail for a faster response). We'll create an individual fix for you.
Q:  I've installed ANTI VIRUS PRO on my second computer and I can't activate it using the same username and password.
A:  Yes, this is correct. The software online is sold one copy per computer. If you want to have it on your second computer, you'll need to order one more copy. E-mail us for discounts if you buy more than 1 copy.
Q:  I had to reinstall Windows and can't reactivate my copy of ANTI VIRUS PRO. What should I do?
A:  Send us an e-mail. We'll try to help you as soon as possible (include your license code/order number in the e-mail to get a response faster).


Q:  How do I uninstall ANTI VIRUS PRO?
A:  Our program, just like all other programs can be easily uninstalled from the Windows Start menu: go to Programs->ANTI VIRUS PRO->Uninstall.


Q:  I still have questions not answered here. How can I get support?
A:  Visit our support page to leave a message or find out other means of getting assistance.